Apartments in Aolt Huus Münster

The Aolt Huus was built in the 1930s. It is located on a large estate 6 km away from the southwestern part of Münster and only 15 minutes away from the city center via the Autobahn “Kreuz Münster Süd” and faster if you only catch green lights.

We took over the building in 2014, completely renovated it and converted three individual flats into holiday apartments.

Take a poem-inspired and stylish journey into 60’s living in the Aolt Huus. "Dat Pöggsken" is a poem by Augustin Wibbelt that is known in Münster by almost every child. It is the story of a little frog in green trousers. The three apartments in the Aolt Huus are called Pöggsken (Frog), Gausemann (Goose) and Sunnenschien (Sunshine) and their furnishings have been appropriately chosen in the colors: green, orange and yellow fitting perfectly to the style of the 60s.

Every apartment is equipped with a modern built-in kitchen, bath and shower. We also provide bed-linen and towels.


Dat Pöggsken

Pöggsken sitt in'n Sunnenschien,
O, wat is dat Pöggsken fien
Met de gröne Bücks!
Pöggsken denkt an nicks.
Kümp de witte Gausemann,
Hät so raude Stiewweln an,
Mäck en graut Gesnater,
Hu, wat fix
Springt dat Pöggsken met de Bücks,
Met de schöne gröne Bücks,
Met de Bücks in't Water!


Wenn Sie mehr über den Dichter Augustin Wibbelt (1903) erfahren wollen:


Hier gibt es Dat Pöggsken auch in unterschiedlichen Hörversionen, eine stammt aus den 1930 Jahren vom Dichter selbst.